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Silent yoga session

I brought this immersive experience to class last Saturday, May 18th, 2024, thanks to Ian Ghysels who already had headsets at Shanti for his Silent Disco evenings and made them available for our group to try on a Silent yoga session. If we enjoyed the experience, the plan is to take the headsets to the park during the summer.

The try-out session was a great success, allowing everyone to go deeper and feel more focused. People were amazed by the sound quality of the headsets and my soft voice guiding the movements, breathing, and meditation through a microphone. During a Silent yoga session, we focused on what yoga feels like rather than how it looks.

Now we are ready to offer outdoor yoga sessions for everyone. We hope for warmer weather to practice yoga in the park with the Sound Off headsets developed by Castel Valere-Couturier. These specially designed headphones cancel out surrounding noise, helping you stay free from distractions.

I was curious to discover who had this great idea of allowing people to be enveloped by music from start to finish during a vinyasa flow. I researched the origins and found that Silent yoga, or immersive yoga, was born in 2014 on a beach in Hong Kong. The idea was to fuse music and yoga, but Hong Kong's laws don't allow loud music in public spaces, so Valere-Couturier provided wireless headsets to the participants. This yoga event gained fame and spread worldwide, reaching the US, Costa Rica, Paris, and Milan.

My first experience of Silent yoga (I'm in a phase of trying and experiencing everything related to yoga) was at an event at Watt The Firms, here in Gent, with Molly from Sound On Yoga. Having the instructor and the music literally in my head brought a whole new dimension to my yoga practice. I was thrilled to share this experience within my community at Shanti.

I also attempted to replicate this for the online sessions, using my regular headsets with a mic, and it worked out great. On the receiver's side, they could choose whether to wear a headset, but the music was the guidance was clear and present.

I hope you can join me in a Silent yoga session for everyone in the park during the summer months.

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