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Why I've chosen to give donation-based sessions

Updated: May 12

So, back in June 2023, I made a big decision to step away from my architect gig here in Flanders. Why? Well, it felt like rejection after rejection, and it really took a toll on my confidence. Every interview, I was hoping it'd be 'the one,' but it always ended with another 'no.' I started feeling like I just didn't fit in here, and my Dutch wasn't exactly top-notch. And without a chance to improve, it felt like I was stuck in a rut. So, I thought, 'Why not try something different?'

After struggling through Dutch for a year and a half, I landed an internship, even though it was unpaid. It was tough, and it just wasn't who I am. I couldn't communicate as smoothly as I could in English, Portuguese, or even French. So, I decided to dive into volunteering for causes I believed in.

Through Refu Interim, I ended up leading a yoga session at an event in a park here in Gent. It was pretty cool.

And then I started thinking, 'What if?'

So, I began my search on how to become a yoga teacher, reaching out to friends, former teachers, and mentors, and here I am today, sharing my yoga moves at Shanti with anyone who wants to join.

In addition to sharing my practice, I also enrolled in a 200-hour teaching course online. I love doing it! It's been interesting, picking up new tips and tricks to guide people throughout the sessions.

During all this, I discovered that yoga therapy is something I naturally gravitate towards when working with people who come to practice. I also discovered and did a trial of a Laughter yoga session, something I talked about in the first post.

While I had no problem keeping up the free sessions in the park, when the cold months came, I couldn't bear the idea of renting a room to continue the sessions.

That is when I met Christophe from Shanti. He invited me to give sessions here.

I encountered all sorts of people—families, refugees, students, professionals, and fellow volunteers like myself—and honestly, charging before I finish my training just doesn't feel right. Also, I don't believe that a fixed fee fits all budgets. I just hope everyone sticks around for the ride as I gain more knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

The suggested donation for a session at Shanti is €15, but honestly, anything you can chip in after a session goes a long way in supporting the place that's been so welcoming to us all, as well as helping to cover the expenses I have incurred to offer these sessions.

Lately, I also opened a few free yoga sessions online, for a ZOOMBA and BOOTCAMP group, I have been following since COVID, and soon will be open to a wider group through website. The suggested donation will be €7 per session for the online followers.

If you have never attended any of my sessions but would still like to support me with donations, you can send your contribution to the following account:

PAREKH LUDMILA BE25 7360 4069 3382 or through PayPal: (PayPal Link)

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How your post can visible on facebook?

Ludmila Parekh
Ludmila Parekh
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I just did!!! Thanks for the tip😘

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