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Yoga for Everyone

She started this energetic and spiritual yoga path in São Paulo, where she comes from. Then in New York City, her second home, she followed lessons at Integral Yoga Institute. She moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, and continued learning yoga at Jardin du Yoga with Corinne Miéville. Then she moved to Gent, discovered Yogini, and practiced yoga with AnnKatrien Vinck. Later on, with Manoj Bhanot at Yoga Studio Groene Vallei. At the moment, she follows classes at Yoga Centrum and Yoga Teacher Training Program at Yoga Renew.

She invites you to practice yoga with her @ SHANTI Yoga.Gent

Her style of practice is based on Hatha yoga, the best-known and most practiced form of yoga.

The sessions are dynamic, diverse, and include:

Asanas - Yoga postures, always balancing left and right, effort and recovery, poses and contra-poses;

Pranayamas - breathing exercises and techniques, controlling your breath in different styles and lengths; and

Relaxation - mindfulness exercises, and relaxation of body and mind.

Making energy flow in the body, feeling the health benefits after every session, and developing more consciousness and inner space.

For many, it is also the ideal way to calm down and reduce stress. The ultimate goal, however, is to experience the present and the surrounding environment, leaving the past behind, and not thinking about the future.

Enable yourself to work on your flexibility, especially your spiritual flexibility. You will learn to connect with you and then with others.

Become awake and present with your full heart at every moment of the day!

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