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Kundalini teacher

After leaving theatre at the conservatory of Antwerp , he focused on meditation, freeing the expression of his body and emotions, and started to train in energy work and shadow work.

His current offerings that he shares are:

Kundalini energy awakening:

•What happens at a session?•

You lie down, close your eyes and music is played... Loud.

The facilitator transmits the energy by touching some of the chakra or meridian points on the body. You do not need to meditate or practice breathing work... All you have to do is relax, let go & stay open. Numerous experiences can happen during the session...emotional releases like laughing and crying, spontaneous body movements, feeling energy moving through the body, sexual awakening, visual journeys, entering deep meditative and blissful states of consciousness, and much more.


•Connect with your intuition

•Feeling centered and grounded

•Release mental and emotional blockages

•Access deep meditative states

•Awaken your sexual energy

•Reduce stress and anxiety

•Mental clarity

•Deeper connection with yourself, the world around you and the Divine.

Somatic Movement and Breathwork:

The style of breathwork I offer is deeply rooted in shamanism, trauma informed space holding and emotional release. Combining both a shamanic and a somatic approach. Using a powerful and safe conscious connected breath cycle to quiet the analytical mind and free the body and subconscious to serve numerous emotional, physical, mental and and spiritual benefits. Providing an opportunity for the body to organically express, release and to journey deeply.

The body remembers

When you breathe in a conscious and connective way, you can get into your own rhythm and access your body’s innate healing power. Our body remembers what our mind has forgotten. As our body holds memories, emotions and traumas from this life time and before. Giving permission to release repressed energies from your body and dissolve the parts that are ready to be let go off.  Which creates spaciousness and freedom from within, as you dive into your unique and personal healing journey.

Breath work and energetic transmissions

The cells of our body store water, and in that water is stored information:

During this intense breath work, I guide you to let go of the trauma, and conditioning, that is stored in your cells 

This can be quite intense in group

When you release, your cells are clear and pure, you vibrate at a higher frequency 

Immediately following a session, we do a short energetic transmission where you receive what you are ready to receive …you lay down close your eyes and just surrender …

Shadow work

In this emotional bodywork, we work without the need for words, this approach is focused on feeling, it is an exercise in surrender, to learn to cooperate with our energy 

Learn to stand in your power and move from that.

In childhood, we have learned to escape our heads into stories and fantasy, because it was too painful to feel.

Now we learn ourselves to feel in the body.

To move and breathe, and to stand in our own inner strength, here you develop inner strength, you also learn about yourself, seeing yourself like you couldn’t see before …

This works on a very deep level 

I guide you through a process where you get into a flow in a group dynamic, without using words, 

This is very beautiful to share in a collective setting to help each other heal

Kundalini bodywork

Intimate group gathering sessions focused on, bringing you to pain and transforming it into pleasure 

We first focus on your intention, then Bring the chi into the body, then call up the emotion, pushing on points and through bodywork transforming the emotion (energy) from pain to pleasure.

1 on 1 sessions

Reconnective healing:

Reconnective Healing® restores the connection with your soul and the bigger picture, thereby ensuring that multiple aspects of your 'being' return to their original balance.

Reconnective Healing® is a holistic energetic way of healing that transcends other forms of energetic healing techniques such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Prana Healing, etc. RH does not focus on symptoms and in that sense is not a therapy or treatment. Since there is no contact between practitioner and client in this energetic way of healing, this method also works perfectly remotely. Distance healings are ideal when you as a client want to stay in your own comfortable environment, or when you quickly feel the need for support in unexpected situations. Distance sessions are often experienced as more powerful and effective. 

As a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, I am, so to speak, a catalyst. I tune in and simply interact with the RH frequencies. This sometimes results in healings that take place instantly and are often lifelong, in all areas: physical well-being, mental clarity, emotional inner peace and spiritual growth.

The Personal Reconnection:

      The Reconnection® or 'personal Reconnection' is an energetic balancing and reconnection that you only experience once in your life. You therefore choose it very consciously. It consists of two healing sessions on two consecutive days. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

The Personal Reconnection uses the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, but differs in its application. During the personal Reconnection:

  • the energy points and channels of your body

  • the lines of force (ley lines) of our planet

  • the universal energy grid of the universe

focused and meticulously energetically reconnected with each other, across all dimensions of time and space.

This is a  'once in a lifetime' experience , which has a profound influence on how you approach life, how you deal with yourself and others, how and what choices you make... Receiving your personal Reconnection is a choice: not everyone is ready to say yes to their life at any time.

The effects of this powerful reconnection with the cosmos, with your own nature, are unmistakable and life-changing.

Body Remembers Trauma Therapy (BRTT) and Trauma Release Breathwork (TRB)

BRTT is a body-oriented process in which you release traumas, severe events and stress that you have gained in your life and that are trapped in the body.

You are taken to the depths of your soul. We use various techniques to trigger the muscle of your soul (psos muscle) that allows you to heal in your subconscious. This technique has the powerful effect of breaking through the many layers of body armor and thus letting go of mental, emotional and physiological tension from your body, mind and nervous system.

Because unprocessed traumas do not find their way out, they occur in your muscles and connective tissue (fascia). By applying BRTT and TRB we stimulate the body to discharge, so that the nervous system is soothed. When we are threatened, the body releases huge amounts of stress hormones to help us overcome the danger or stress. That's the fight-or-flight-or-freeze reaction that begins. If fighting or flight is not possible, or if the threatening situation persists for too long, the body switches to a kind of emergency: freeze. We withdraw spiritually and rigidly, literally and figuratively. There is total powerlessness and we are overwhelmed by fear. Animals are less likely to be traumatized. The reason for this is that, once out of danger, they shive and shake and loosen the trauma of their body. Unfortunately, we humans are gradually losing these skills to discharge and reset our nervous system.

With BRTT (Body Remembers Trauma Therapy) and TRB (Trauma Releasing Breathwork) we make a deep inner journey. A journey in which we go on search in our body memory, looking for stored tension, energy and emotions that are far away. A journey that allows you to give and solve deeply stored emotions, stress & trauma pains. The combination of BRTT & TRB creates the opportunity to release physiological tension, trauma and stress as well as stored emotions.

With Body Remembers Trauma Therapy (BRTT) we search through the body for stored trauma in our nervous system / nervous system and the possibility arises to discharge it. A natural process of shaking, shaking and moving what your body effortlessly recognizes and has used more often to discharge. The body does this to protect you from outside influences but it is a mechanism that you are probably not (anymore) aware of. Everyone stores unresolved emotions in the body from life events.

Then we go even further with Trauma Release Breathwork (TRB) and there is more room to get rid of stored tension, emotions and traumas. During the breathwork you experience a combination and/or interaction of thoughts, feelings, emotions and experience. It can also be seen as a kind of trance.

With the TRB method, you open the gateway to the subconscious and unresolved traumas, repressed emotions and events are released through a breathing session. With this breathing session you will get to the core of the beliefs you have gained in your life, but also at past events that you have not yet had room to process them for. Events that you have gained, for example, in very early-childpieces that you do not have a current memory. Pieces that are not yours, but passed on by your parents or even pieces from past lives that are still stored in your body. Your body will remember all this! You can release or reset this by this beautiful breathing technique, which you will perform under good guidance and to beautiful music. The breathing ensures that you can even turn your head off and therefore really give yourself the chance to clean up deeply. You give yourself a new way to communicate with your body and your body begins to speak with the subconscious mind. It may be that the deep-rooted emotions, traumas or events come to the surface, but this is not necessary. It can also be a great journey that concerns you.

During the TRB you enter a deep meditative state. You connect more with yourself, which is turned on your body to heal. Everything that comes up can be safely unleashed in a way that you can handle.

After the session, you can expect to get easier from your head in your body. Your anxiety/depression can reduce and you will feel more relaxed and relaxed.

The power of breathing is unprecedented. Breathing brings us to the core of our deeper tensions, traumas, blockages, patterns and thoughts.

This is one of the safest and most direct ways to explore our body, mind, emotions and spirituality.

BRTT and TRB can provide a solution

  • Trauma healing

  • Resolving burn-out symptoms, depression

  • Excessive fatigue

  • The relief of migraine

  • Reducing back, neck and shoulder complaints

  • More resilience

  • Deducing (work) stress, less excitement and conflict (also relational)

  • Reduction of worrying

  • Getting more (night) rest, sleep better

  • Detaching and liberating oppressive emotions and events

  • Reducing and Resolving Anxiety and Phobias

  • Relaxing of the pelvic floor

  • Increasing the libido

  • Reduced symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

  • Easier breathing

  • Less worries and panic

  • More energy and endurance

  • Less tension held in the body, creating a more free feeling

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduction of symptoms from (deplace replacement) trauma

  • Less emotional reactions

  • Decreased anxiety around serious diseases

  • Relief of chronic diseases


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