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Kundalini nrgy awakening


We’re all energy. Every second, energy is being transferred within our bodies, from the synapses that spark in our brain to the electrical charges in our heart that keeps our blood flowing and so much more, our bodies are constantly generating energy. We can’t see it, or touch it or taste it, it's the life energy that flows through our bodies. Everyone's body.


Don't attend online sessions or a retreat if you don't plan to actually make changes in your life.

This work is an absolute CATALYST for change.

The reason people feel called to do this work is to feel better of course. Lead to more understanding, maybe more clarity, awareness, an improved state of being, whatever it is for you.

This work has an amazing way of making us aware of the changes we need to make for the sake of our own personal EXPANSION. If you are not willing to or choose not to take action to make that change, this inner work will make the situation your in and the way you feel worse. Not better.

There must be an openness to change and move with your expansion.

Any change that takes place needs to take place on all levels of the being, for example something that makes a change on a mental level, also needs to change on an emotional level, also needs to change on a physical level in order to stay in alignment. As humans we are good at bringing awareness to the needed change but not so good at integrating the needed change into physical life. There must be more than just awareness.

Whether during or after a retreat, a group in-person or online session you may have received a download or realisation about your life.

Of course, everyone's will be personal and unique but here's some simple examples to give context:

  • Stop eating dairy food as it doesn't agree with your digestion.

  • I am people-pleasing and need to understand more about this.

  • Take up the hobby you once loved as a child.

  • A friendship, partnership or job is not feeling aligned.

  • The environment you spend your time in at the weekend is toxic and is causing the midweek anxiety you have.

  • The cafe you answer work emails at is too loud for you; a quieter environment would be better.

  • You are introverted and don't actually like to be the social butterfly you grew up being. 

  • There are many traumatic aspects of your life you haven't dealt with.

  • You are controlling in your relationship.

  • Coffee makes you anxious. 

  • You have been putting a mask personality on to be accepted in a friendship/partnership/work environment and it's not who you really are. 

Change life dynamics and patterns with the wisdom you received about what's is or is not aligned for you.

Your decisions and actions must line up with whatever it is your inner work has made you aware of.

If your inner work is making your life even worse, that means there is a disconnect between the awareness you are gaining and the actions and decisions you are making or taking or not making and taking. It means you are RESISTING MAKING A NECESSARY CHANGE.

This work is a fast track to change, leading to an acceleration of expansion. You need to know this going into it. If you are committed to this inner work, it is going to point to necessary or possibly difficult changes you need to make. If you don't want to or are not willing to make a change, don't do this inner work.


  • Become aware of the contents of your subconscious- brings forward what you've been unaware of and shines a light on that you've suppressed and denied out of your awareness. 

  • Revealing what is in the way - where there is blocks or resistance 

  • Re-owning of self - become more authentic and live from your personal truth.

  • Stepping out and changing negative patterns and cycles. 

  • Getting into a reality outside of the mind.

  • with more awareness takes you out of denial and deflection. 

  • Rekindling the positive aspects and gifts that have been suppressed. 

  • Understanding the importance of creating your existence with intention and focus

  • Revealing the many ways we have not actually resolved things we think we've resolved. The reason why they are repeating. 

  • Living from a place of truth. Perceiving life clearer and seeing things as they really are. Creates empowerment.

  • This awareness enhances your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It is painful and exhausting to not be unaware. It is draining to be pushing and suppressing things away. Suppression causes fatigue and disease. As you liberate the suppressed energy, the energy of consciousness can flow through all the different aspects of you. 



Igor's work is rooted and grounded in the path of self love. Pure appreciation, love and acceptance of self. Loving all of you

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