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Slow Flow Yoga & Massage

In my everyday life, I am deeply committed to cultivating health and vitality through mindful practices, including a plant-based whole foods diet and regular yoga practice. As a trained masseuse, I have witnessed the profound healing effects of touch and believe in its ability to restore harmony within the body.


I aim to create a safe environment where you can release tension, quiet your mind, and tap into your body’s innate wisdom. Through gentle touch, mindfulness and intention I invite you to let go of stress, breathe deeply, and reconnect with the present moment, inspired by ancient healing traditions as well as Haptonomy.

After a session people report feeling lighter, more relaxed and with a sense of inner calm. 


Hilal offers unique approach to yoga sessions, emphasizing on grounding through pranayama (breathing exercises) and deepening our connection with ourselves. Each sessions becomes an exploration of both body and mind.

During these sessions, the emphasis is on using the poses as tools for self-awareness, rather than striving for perfection. Gentle transitions between poses allow time to delve deeper into the body, embracing sensations that arise without judgement.

Through her gentle approach, she creates a supportive environment were student feel encouraged to explore their practice at their own pace, with full acceptance free from judgement or expectation.

The class ends with Shavasana, the final relaxation pose where we integrate what we’ve done during the practice. It’s a time for the body to absorb the generated energy, allowing us to carry it forward into the rest of our day.

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