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Gentle Yoga

Ineke van Dam

Ineke loves yoga in circles. A circle is a natural way of people gathering. In a circle, we can see and acknowledge each other. Because yoga is so much more than a physical asana practice.

Ineke takes you on a gentle journey where breath and movement are closely linked. Classes are inspired by the rhythm of the seasons, bringing you closer to nature. With soft and subtle movements in winter time, and more dynamic and expressive classes in summer, your body is invited to follow a natural flow. With a practice that invites you to turn inwards and breathing exercises that help you to discover your energy source and life force. Inviting you to do what is good for you, at this moment in your life, at this very day. Encouraging you to move past the fixed asanas and go into a more spontaneous flow.

Yes, yoga is a way of life! Let's start to be gentle with ourselves on the mat, and then to spread that energy into our daily lives.

Ineke also organizes tantric circles. Moments in which people gather together to authentically connect with themselves (in first place) and with others. We practices with movement, sound and breath, to free up your energy and become a more free version of yourself. Ineke offers a gentle practices, but at the same time invites you to explore your boundaries.

Ineke shares more than 12 years of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice with you. She completed a 200h YTT in 2016 in Vinyasa yoga at ‘Yogaloft’ (Joachim Meire), and is currently taking a 5-year yoga/meditation training at the Instituut of Patanjala Yoga. She regularly takes trainings and follows retreats in yoga, tantra, emotional bodywork. Furthermore, she dances a lot (tango, ecstatic dance,...) but she mostly appreciates the power of small and subtle movements that have an incredible effect on body and mind.

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