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Kundalini Activation

She studied in Russia with Andrey and Olga Verba (perinatal yoga and hatha yoga), and in India with Dr. Suresh Babu (Hatha yoga). Also, Yoga Critical Alignment with Hert Van Luen (Holland), Perukua (Australia) participated in the Perukua retreat several times as a yoga teacher and group curator, and went through a retreat under the mentorship of Jefrey Oliver (Australia) in a Buddhist temple, went through Vipasana 7 times, went through several retreats with power plants under the guidance of the Peruvian shaman David Pascuallo.

Received initiation from Lama Ole Nydal.

I conduct yoga tours and women's retreats all over the world.

I am proud to be involved in improving people's lives. With the help of my programs, women around the world get rid of sexual traumas and blocks, cultivate their femininity, and become flexible, more confident, and attractive.

I combine all the many years of experience and knowledge of my teachers in my own unique programs in online and offline formats.

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