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What type of Yoga do you teach?

Initially, I always used to say that I share my yoga practice, I don't teach.

But now, after more than 60 sessions, I can confidently say what kind of yoga I would like to specialize in.

I would like to specialize in Yoga therapy because yoga therapy applies yogic tools and principles to address emotional, mental, and physical needs (Taylor, 2007). This type of therapy involves yoga postures (asanas), breathwork, meditation, guided imagery or visualization, and relaxation exercises. And this is exactly how I started and how I feel comfortable guiding people during sessions.

This week's session will be dedicated to your back. Together, we will practice how to take care of our back, focusing on the lumbar vertebrae, dorsal area, or sacroiliac region. We will work on stretching the hamstrings to restore mobility to the pelvis; maintaining a flexible back through flexion, extension, and twisting; toning the back muscles; and addressing minor spinal blockages, among other things.

In one exercise, you will be able to address blockages associated with hip pyramidal contracture, for example.

I hope to see you in one of the sessions, either on Tuesday or Saturday @Shanti.

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